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I'm a writer.

Personal development, front-end development, customer success, customer support, knowledge base articles and screenshots.

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A Guide to Creating Content for the Buyer-Customer Journey | Uberflip

Despite its name, the buyer journey is not just about buyers. Once they move from awareness to consideration to decision, buyers become customers. This is the point of the journey.

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Balancing Your Content: Stop Stressing Your Funnel

Nothing is more annoying than working at a desk that’s lopsided. From afar, the table looks fine. It’s only when you sit down and rest your cup that you notice there’s a problem.

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Storytelling Basics: Keep it Simple and Sincere

People love great stories, but that doesn't mean that we inherently create great stories. Learn the basics behind Quantum Storytelling and how you can up your content game.

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Choosing Between Embedding Your Hub and onBrand Implementation

One thing we hear sometimes from potential Uberflip customers is "all Hubs look the same". It’s true.

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How to Create the Perfect Knowledge Base Article

I've written a few articles for our knowledge base and, from my experience, 'good' knowledge base articles are written with the reader in mind. This often means we've thought about what customers are asking for, why they need this info, how much information they need and the best way(s) to present the answers.

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5 Tips to Get Better Technical Support

It’s happened to all of us: you log in to an app to share something, edit content, or start a draft and… something’s wrong. You can’t log in. The interface looks different than it did yesterday. What you had in there yesterday isn’t there today.

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7+ Things You Can Embed in Your Next Blog Post to Increase Engagement

If you haven't thought about embedding anything interactive into your next blog post, consider this your sign to do it now.

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Another Holiday Marketing Post About Holiday Marketing Posts

As I write this post, my team members are exchanging gifts and wishing each other happy holidays (write faster, Nerissa!). Outside of the office, friends and family are flying, driving and bussing home for the holidays. And, if you listen closely, you'll hear the soft swipe, swipe, swipe of credit cards being charged.